Making Plans!

Yesterday I called the 800 number for the Alaska Intercoastal Ferry. I got a lot of questions answered and we are prepping to make our reservation. We just need to get some information/documents together. We've decide to reverse the direction of our trip and will drive across the US to Washington State first and take the ferry through the Inside Passage up to Alaska. Then we will explore the state before returning home via the Al-Can Highway.

I am also reading though journals of other's trips to Alaska. Many of the journals I have found are from people who got to spend MONTHS up there, but it's still good to read through to see what there is to do. We plan on getting together soon with some friends of ours that go up and work at Denali in the summers. I am sure they have lots of good advice.

Such Excitement!



Eric wants to tow a vehicle with us to AK, so he bought a Jeep Cherokee. I am not completely sold on towing a vehicle...I mean driving 35' of vehicle is certainly a chore! This means we now have 5 vehicles, so he is going to sell his little red truck and hopefully his Porsche too!

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