Spring Update

It's been over 3 months since I've posted here. The trip got put on the back burner for a while as it was winter and it seemed to far away. All of a sudden we are under 3 months away from the trip and it doesn't seem like enough time. LOL!

This is what has been accomplished recently~
  • I have secured boarding for Cooper while we are gone. He will be staying with our groomer, who will incorporate him in with her dogs. He will learn so much as he lives in her house and with other dogs. Plus he will see dogs come and go for grooming as she runs her biz our of her garage. This is a HUGE concern of ours and is now taken care of. We are not worried about how he will do while we are gone at all!
  • We got our 2010 Milepost magazine. The Milepost is The Bible of North Country Travel. We were borrowing the 2009 version from some friends, but this is nice to have our own to mark in. We've also started a 5 subject notebook that we will be using to keep organized.
  • Eric has started mapping out our travel. We will be leaving on June 20th and need to return by July 25th.
  • We got our passports renewed today. We also applied for Dori's US passport. They should arrive in about 4 weeks.
Eric will be going up to his Dad's this weekend so they can start prepping the RV. There are a few things that need to get fixed and they will be putting together a list of RV needs. We are so grateful for his dad's expertise and for him storing the RV for FREE! Eric will go up one weekend in April too. The plan is to bring the RV down after Eric's finals are over. I am guessing the weekend of May 22nd will be when he goes to bring it down. We plan on just driving as far as his dad's (3 hours away) on our first day (6/20), so we can make sure everything is in order.

Upcoming plans will include finishing mapping out the trip and making reservations, making pack lists, and of course giving this blog a new look!


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