Mid-April Update

Things are cruising along. Eric has been doing lots of prepping and planning. The trip is just over 2 months away and this is what has been accomplished~

  • RV fixes: The hydraulic jacks & the fridge have been fixed. The RV dealer told us that we would need a new fridge $1500 + installation, but Eric did some research and found the part we need online for $500 and his dad got it installed. He & a neighbor friend also fixed some other little things on it.
  • This weekend: Eric is going up to work on the RV with his dad. They will be installing seat belts on the sofa, bolting the sofa in place, installing the CB and new back up monitor (courtesy of our BIL), and getting the towing/hitch stuff in place.
  • Jeep: Eric has been getting his Jeep ready to go. He finished his roof rack and painted it, he has a working CB, and has been looking over the towing.
  • Eric has mapped out our drive up. I need to now find places for us to stay and decide if we are just going to show up or make reservations. The only time I am concerned about reservations on the trip is around 4th of July. I am thinking we will be near Anchorage at that point.
  • We are starting to make our pack lists and I am buying a few things each time I go to the store.
Time is going quickly, but we will be ready!


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