Things are coming along with the trip planning. I've spent a lot of time over the last week trying to figure out a basic itinerary. After reading through books, doing online research, and asking questions at RV forums, I've come up with a plan!! I also made reservations at Laird Hot Springs in BC and Denali Nat'l Park in AK. We will be at those places on weekends, so I thought it was important to have reservations. Other places we might just wing it.

I've felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders with the itinerary figured out, so I have turned my attention to this blog. I had a cute idea to have a pic of us coming out of the RV waving, but I decided to have it moving instead. I'll be tweaking the design and might make changes before we leave.

I've started purchasing things for the trip. I figure if I buy things little by little then things might not feel so overwhelming at the end. I know we have a lot of storage in the RV, but I will have a better idea when we bring it down in a few weeks. I plan on bringing most of our (non)perishable food with us and precooking several meals and freezing them. I saw a tip at a forum that said to freeze them flat and then line them up like a bookshelf in the freezer. Not sure how long things will stay good, so I will wait til a little closer to the trip to start cooking.

Eric continues to do vehicle prep. We went up to work on the RV with his dad a few weeks ago. The main thing they got squared away was the towing. He got a chance to practice driving around with the Jeep in tow. He said it doesn't even feel like you are pulling anything. We still need to get an axillary braking system and come up with a way to protect the front of each vehicle from rocks and debris. We will have some drives on gravel, so we risk cracking windshields and lights.

We made reservations at a nearby campground for Memorial Day weekend. We figure this will be a good chance to get a feel for life in an RV and work through any issues we might have. The campground is just beyond the city limits, so we will be close enough to run to a store or home if we need anything. We will probably camp at least one other night before we leave. I am thinking we need to try a Walmart parking lot. Probably not the quietest place, but it would give us a chance to practice camping without any facilities. I am sure there will be quite a few nights without any services on the trip.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to follow along with your trip! The blog looks so cute, great job as always!

frogglet said...

Love the new header, now that I can see it full size :0) Your trip sounds really fun. Can't wait to hear about the trial runs.

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