BAHM has arrived!

Eric got back yesterday around 4 with the RV. He was not nervous driving & towing for the first time. He stuck close to the speed limit, so he was being passed by everyone. Last night he vacuumed it out really well and today he cleaned the inside & out. We plan on BBQing with family and eating under the awning this evening. Once it cools down (it's 90!) we can start packing it!Oh, and for those of you who don't know what BAHM means...it's BIG ASS MOTOR HOME. It's ASS is big!!


Peggy & Bill said...

When do you leave? Will be keeping track of all those beautiful pictures you are going to post! Looks like you got a good travel companion (hubby) who is taking notes! That's important!

siteseer said...

Don't you love cleaning the rv vs the house? It is so quick and easy lol

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