Toad Ready

Eric sent me this pic from his phone this morning. The jeep is all ready to be hitched up! He & his dad have been going lots of little things with the vehicles. Mostly going over how to use things. Eric has been taking notes and has started some check sheets. They have a few more things to go over, but he will probably come home with both vehicles this afternoon. w00t!

updated~ New photo just sent! All hitched up and ready to head home!The Jeep looks tiny in comparison!!


Paul Tempesta said...

I just looked at your itinerary. We will be crossing paths time and again. I'll keep my eye on your blog to see if we can meet.


Nancy & Dennis said...

Hi guys, saw your post on our blog, A New Adventure. Are you in Rockford? We are based in Geneva. Right now we are stationary in FL taking care of Dennis' mother. Made a quick trip home on the 20th 7& 21st. Nancy will stay here a few weeks to care care of some things while Dennis will return to FL Sunday and Monday.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Have fun!

Nancy & Dennis

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