Time to Get the RV

Eric is on his way to pick up the RV right now! He and his dad will be doing the final tinkering and Eric will be driving it home either tomorrow or Sunday. I wonder if he's nervous?! He's driven it home from where we bought it and up to his dads...but this will be the first time towing the Jeep. I know Parker would have liked to go with him, but the boys have a big concert tonight...possibly the ONLY one they will both play at. One of our favorite band teachers is retiring. Parker is scheduled to play drums in his first concert and many of the high school marching band kids are going to show up and surprise the director by playing a few of his arrangements. I'm already emotional thinking about it.

FYI~ I updated a few links below the header~ Our Rig & Itinerary


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Getting to be shortimers, an old Navy saying, you can start the pictures soon, show us the Camper and your preparation for departure, We are hoping all goes well and get off on your journey on time. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

siteseer said...

I'm so excited for you guys! When do you leave? I'm saving this as a favorite so I can keep up with your travels. Can't wait to see the pictures of your rig and travels. Have a safe trip and ENJOY!!!! Leave the largest bin open so I can stow-away. :)

frogglet said...

Fun, fun, fun! That is really cool that the boys will be able to play in the same concert. Enjoy.

Larry & Teddy said...

You can read our daily log of our trip to Alaska at http://www.travelswithsimba.blogspot.com/
Good luck on your upcoming journey. Just be sure and take a good digital camera and a laptop to download the pictures to as you will be taking a lot of not to be forgotten picts.

Rustastic said...

Hey, Thanks for following our travels!...Gonna be following yours as well. And congratulations on 20 Years!...BAMH...lol...Too funny! Nice rig!


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