We are in the midst of our maiden voyage with BAHM. We are staying at a campground about 5 miles from home. It's close to the freeway, but I am amazed by how peaceful it is.
We put the hitch bike rack on and I followed in the van.Parker fishingDori swinging
Set up!
I am already so thankful that we got such a big ass motorhome. I feel crowded and there is just 4 of us, the dog, and less than 1/2 the stuff we are taking to AK. We will have to get used to the confined spaces. So far we had everything we need. Of course, we haven't cooked yet! LOL!


Jimh. said...

I can't wait to follow you virtually! It will be better for us, as we won't be in your cramped quarters! Should be a blast!

Paul and Helen's Adventures said...

Congratulations on the rig. I wish you a lot of years of joyful camping. Helen and I have been camping since 1979, and our only regret is that we didn't start sooner. There is just sooooo much to see and do.


Show Us The World said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on our blog. I am very partial to SMJ's kits.

LOVE your blog! I added it to my reader so I can follow along. We hope to visit Alaska next spring so I'll be taking tips from your trip!


Peggy & Bill said...

So how did the "maiden voyage" go???

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