Our first trip out in the RV was a success! Even though we were close to home we felt like we were on a mini-vacation and got to relax. The dog got us up early each day...much earlier than he gets up at home. I blame it on the brightness of the sun coming lighting up the rig. Good thing he's not going to Alaska...we'd not get enough sleep! Besides that we slept really well and working the RV was easy. The back bedroom is much warmer than the rest of the rig, but we will take some steps to try to circulate air more. It was HOT this weekend and our neighbor smoked, so we kept the windows closed and ran the air or fan most of the time.

We got caught with our awning out when a storm came roaring through. We just had some sprinkles so Eric started putting things under the rig and under the awning and all of a sudden the wind came up and we were in a torrential downpour. I ran out to help him and the awning was all arched up in the air from the wind. I am surprised we didn't lose it. It got stuck as we tried to roll it up and we were having a heck of a time with it. The campground owner ran over to help out. He helped save our neighbor's awning, but their new dining canopy didn't fair so well. We made a rookie mistake and will make sure we put up the awning when there are storms.

Packing up and heading home was very easy! It took way longer to unpack the RV then it did to pack it up at the site. It's going to be interesting on how we are going to fit everything we want to take into the RV, but I think it will work out.

Everything at home went well. Andy (summer roommate) got settled in and now feels comfortable with the house. Our teen came out camping 1 night cause there was WiFi! LOL! The shower house was quite nice, but I ended up showering at home. Eric & Parker did quick cold showers before bed in the rig one night.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

The kiddos loved the dock.

Popcorn popped over the fire!

Doggie on the dash!

Yummy...banana boat!


frogglet said...

Glad you had a good trip. It has inspired me to get us out of town we are thinking about the beach in a week or two. Love the pictures.

Rustastic said...

So glad you maiden voyage went well....maybe a good indication of things to come!

I am Harriet said...

Wow- I am so FREAKEN jealous!

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