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I had a recent post that was all As, and this is all Bs. Maybe we will have C soon too.

First I am going to talk about blogger meet-ups I've had over the past few days. On Wednesday we were washing the Jeep wheels off at a spray wash place in Fairbanks and there were some guys washing their Jeep in the next bay. They noticed our blog URL up in the window of our Jeep and said they were going to do the same. So meeting Ben & Jeff was an accidental blogger meet-up. Their blog is Ben & Jeff's Alaska Road Trip 2010.Then yesterday I had a planned blogger meet-up with a client of mine. Amber and I connected online when I made over her Alaska themed blog, Life in the Last Frontier. Her blog was actually my last before going on vacation. Was super busy when we were in the area, but because we had to extend a day she came and met us at the shop that was fixing the RV. She actually has know the guy at the shop we were making fun of. OK...that sounds bad. We nicknamed the guy behind the counter Fralex because he is a splitting image of our friends Frank & Alex. We got LOTS of chuckles out of that one! Anyway, it was great to meet Amber!

Today was our Denali bus tour to Wonder Lake. It was rainy and cloudy so we didn't see Mt. McKinley (see Eric's vlog entry) but we did see the big 5~ Grizzly, Moose, Wolf, Caribou, and Dall Sheep. It was a LONG bus ride, but the kids did great! I keep asking if we can stay here in the campground for another night, but they are sold out. What gets me is there are several open slots, but they are paid for so they leave them open. So it looks like we will be checking out tomorrow. We plan on spending most of the day exploring the front of the park (visitors center, sled dog presentation, science center) and Denali area before moving down the road to the Talkeetna area. We've heard that you can often see Mt. McKinley from down there, but the weather forecast doesn't look like it will be cooperating. Here are some of the better photos from the day.


siteseer said...

We were in the Denali area for 3 days and we saw the whole mt all three days. That is pretty special because only a few people see the whole thing. Maybe you'll still see it. I remember one day that we saw the top then the bottom and near the end of the day the whole thing came into view. I'm hoping you get to see it!

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