The MOST glorious day yet!!

After we slept in (again!) I ran up to Talkeetna Roadhouse and grabbed some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I got a raspberry roll instead and it was divine! Around 11 we went to the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum and the Denali Ranger Station. At the 1pm presentation we ran into the friends we met at the playground last night. Their sons are 8 & 12 and the kids really enjoyed playing with them. We went back to the playground with them this afternoon before they boarded the train south to Anchorage. We found out that they are renting an RV and then heading down to Kenai for a week. The kids got along so well that we decided to tag along with them. So tomorrow we are headed to Seward (about 230 miles) and will be staying at the same RV park they are at and then going on the wildlife/glacier tour with them on the next day. The plan is to just kind of wing it and figure out where we are going to go in Kenai together. Fun!As we were heading out to dinner tonight we noticed that quite a bit of sky was showing and the sun was actually out. We drove up the road about a mile to a high spot and saw the mountains. We were quite excited! Eric looked at Mt. Forracker and thought it was Denali (McKinley) but Denali was actually way higher up in some clouds. Those clouds started to clear and we were so excited! The kids were getting really hungry so we headed to dinner and decided to go down to the river to see the mountain after dinner.

We had a great dinner at West Rib & Pub. We sat outside and the sun was sooo warm! It felt good after it being cool and rainy for so many days! Eric & I had caribou burgers (which were pretty good) and Jake had a McKinley burger that was fabulous. For dessert they all picked up some ice cream and I had a big piece of carrot cake from the roadhouse. I am STILL full!After that we went down to the beach, which is actually riverside at the edge of the town and we got GREAT views of Denali. It is very impressive. We stayed down there for 90 mins or so and the kiddos played in the water and sand. We met several tourists and a few locals when we were down there. It was a lovely evening. We are so glad we waited out all these days of rain and saw the mountain!


frogglet said...

Beautiful, sounds like you are really having a good time!

Amber said...

And you got a gorgeous picture of it too!

Jan J. said...

This is really the trip of a lifetime! I would love for my kids to have this experience someday!

Gina (Caleeo) said...


siteseer said...

We drove into Talkeetna on the 4th of July!!! We had no idea what we were getting into. We were all hooked up and everything and ran right into town and could barely make it through all the cars and parades!! Quaint town though isn't it? I loved all of the decorative moose around town.

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