Fairbanks Take 2.


Unknown said...

Well, I am impressed with the fact you are smiling and happy......................hoping for an easy and permanent fix for the BAMH. I look forward to these updates and the pics so am glad you are going to be on the road again soon. BTW: how the he** would they tow that big rig????????
Hugs all around

Paul and Helen's Adventures said...

I look at these "incidents" as part of the adventure. That's why we can never plan too far in advance. You seem to be "going with the flow" and handling it well. I sure hope that things start to smooth out for you and you can make up some time.

Paul and Helen

Amber said...

You guys crack me up! Would you be heartbroken if I told you it wasn't actually a bank robbery after all? Come to find out they had received a call of a guy waving a rifle around, so they shut everything down and searched on foot, with helicopters and with K9's and never found him. There's a shooting range down that direction so they're wondering if it was someone walking back from the range who didn't have a gun case. Sorry to bore-up your story!!

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