Finally...we are at Denali!

RV was fixed before noon. It was the ignition switch. We hope we are done with repairs!

We arrived in Denali National Park this afternoon and while we have no hook ups, we are loving it here. We took down the bikes and the boys immediately took off riding around. They are getting along so well. We made burgers and immediately started a fire so we could have s'mores. We went to the ranger talk on small animals & plants and their importance to the park. The kiddos helped the ranger out during the talk. I am hoping there is a cancellation so we can stay another night or 2. Tomorrow we take the park shuttle bus to Wonder Lake, which is an all day thing.

We've struggled with getting photos uploaded and our vlog entries have dropped off, but we will try to get basic updates via my phone. Once I get a decent connection on my laptop I will tell you about the blogger meet-ups we've had the past few days. 

Goodnight from Denali!
Diana in AK
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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Didn't know you had trouble with the MH , saw you got the jeep welded up, Going anywhere in any rig you just have to expect something will wear out or fail while on the road, it comes under the it's always something heading in RV 101.Glad to see it was fixed fast and you guys made it to Denali, that should be a highlight of you trip, can't wait to see more pictures. Bikes are an absolute essential with kids, and even aldults, Have fun, Be sfae out there. Sam & Donna.

Paul and Helen's Adventures said...

Happy to hear that your ignition problem is behind you. Denali is a great place and I'm sure that your family will enjoy the trip. We had to take a shorter trip because of our dogs, but still had a grand time. The shuttles are excellent.


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