Goodbye Alaska Highway

We ended up sleeping in a little bit this morning. We didn't have the best night's sleep (that's what you get for FREE) and we were chilly. Eric aired up tires and I grabbed some baked goods at Starbucks (thanks P&P!) before getting back on the highway. I tried the ATM again and it would not let me get any money. It said my daily allotment was exceeded. Grrr!! I took our money before midnight CST, so there shouldn't be an issue. I am not sure what is up. I was able to take out money one night and then the next morning when we first got into Canada. So worse comes to worse, we will use the credit card.

Today's drive along the Alaska Hwy was very pleasant. The surface of the highway was good and rough areas were well marked. The fist 250 miles is a portion we covered on the way up. We stopped to make lunch at one of the Continental Divide rest areas that we stopped at before. We didn't want to go back all the way on the same road, so we decided to take the Cassiar Hwy back.
It turns south and travels through western British Columbia paralleling the inland passage of Alaska.

At first the Cassiar really stressed Eric out. It was like turning onto a small sideroad, even though it was paved. Overall it hasn't been bad. We aren't driving as fast as we were most of the day, but we still arrived at the Boya Lake Provencial Campground with plenty of day left. We actually stopped much earlier than we do many days. This lake is just so beautiful. It water is tourquoise blue and crystal clear. The trees and mountains reflect so well in the lake. It's just breath-taking! We are camped right by the swimming and boating dock so the kids wanted to go swimming right away. The glacial water is in the 40s. Parker jumped in and was out of the water super quick. The look on his face told how cold it was. After dinner, a walk, and some s'mores by the fire, Eric & Jake decided to have a man contest. They decided to jump into the lake and whomever was in longest was the manliest. They were crazy and lasted about 6 mins. You can check out the video below. Enjoy the gorgeous pics from the day too!


Linda said...

Love your photos, the rainbow on the glacier is awesome!! Also the "manly contest" video was priceless!!

frogglet said...

Finally watched the manly contest, THEY ARE CRAZY! But the lake is beautiful.

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