Bye Bye BAMH

Last year when we started planning our 20th anniversary trip to Alaska, we looked over our options for travel. We knew that RV travel was the way to go. We researched RV rentals and found out that it was going to cost a minimum of $8000 to rent. (125/day, 49 cents a mile over 100 miles a day, cleaning fee, household goods rental, 11% tax for a Class C) We'd still be paying for gas and we can not tow with a rental. So we started researching how much it costs to purchase. When we looked at a few RVs we decided we'd like to travel in a Class A (rental would have been $4K more) instead of a Class C. We figured if we purchased an RV and then sold it after the trip the difference would be FAR less than $8000. So we purchased BAMH and enjoyed our trip.

I put the RV up on CraigsList around 4:30pm yesterday. Calls and emails started flooding in by 5:15. We priced it a little more than we bought it for...and it was sold (asking price) by noon today! WOW~ how easy was that?!! We did put some work and repairs into it, but if you add up all those costs and subtract our selling price, we only paid around $1000. And I can tell you that we spent a little less than $7000 on entire trip costs. I did NOT count the price of groceries I bought in that. We carried ALL our non-perishables with us, I precooked and froze meat that lasted nearly the whole trip, so we only had to buy milk, produce, and bread. I only shopped in bigger stores in bigger towns/cities, so those costs weren't too bad. We still have LOTS of cereal and can goods left, which means my grocery costs over the next month or so will be lower.

So for people wondering how you can afford a 5 week trip to Alaska...do what we did!! Plan well, stick to your plan, and enjoy your trip of a lifetime!!
I guess this signals the end of the purpose of this blog. We will keep it open and continue to post about our trip and reviews of places we went and stayed.
Our last look at BAMH as the new owner is driving off with it!


Amber said...

Yes I did see the gift you left me!! I laughed so hard!! :)

siteseer said...

Sorry you got rid of the BAMH we still use ours although it will be sparingly this summer with the cost of fuel. It's still the best way to travel.

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