Busy, busy, busy!

Actually it hasn't been too bad. I've been keeping lists and revising them a lot. Usually I am a procrastinator and scramble near the end, but all our clothes are packed and in the RV. Being off work has really freed my time up (I am still busy, just not frazzled) and I am not stressing out. I am even going to take the time to play with the kiddos. The teen is camping with the youth group this week.

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Cathryn said...

Hi Diana: You're following our "Olalla Bay" blog, and we're following yours! Can't wait to see how your trip goes, and we'll follow it all the way!
If you've read our entire Alaska trip blog (we're now 5 days away from home) you've picked up much of what I wanted to say here, but in case you missed some, here goes some unsolicited advice:
1. Make sure your motorhome and tow vehicle (if your'e taking one) both have high quality tires. Flat tires are common on this trip, and the lower quality tires you have, the more flats you'll have. We bought 8-ply for the truck and brand new for the trailer -- got lucky and had only one flat. You'll be a long way from any help at times, so make sure you know how to change your own flat. Cell service is sparse often.
2. Pay attention to the wildlife warnings, and make sure your kids do too. Have them search for "moose stompings" on YouTube if they think only bears can cause problems for humans. Buffalo can be very mean too. We had no problems but were always cautious, stayed in the car, kept our distance, etc.
3. People may suggest you do the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks instead of the Dempster Highway from Dawson City. We did the Dempster and loved it. The Dalton Highway may be similar but also runs right by the oil pipeline the whole way (not a good addition to the scenery in our view). We did NOT take our trailer up the Dempster and were very glad we made that decision. If you have a tow vehicle, take it instead, and leave your motorhome at a campground in Dawson. Stay in one of many motels in Inuvik.
4. It's hard to sleep when it's broad daylight outside all night. We taped aluminum foil over the bedroom windows in our trailer and left it there the whole trip. Eye/Nightshades work well for some people.
5. If you have the budget for 4 of you to do it (it's expensive) definitely take a flight tour at some point, either to see glaciers or wildlife. Summit/glacier on McKinley is a good one (if the weather cooperates -- waste of money if the weather is bad and you can't see anything) and we did it at Atlin over the Llewellyn Glacier and loved it.
6. DEFINITELY do the Cassiar Highway one direction. It was a highlight of the trip for us -- loads of wildlife, incredible scenery, and the roadway was in much better condition than we expected. Even though sections were gravel, it was so well-graded that we drove 55mph.

Have a blast! We can't wait to read all about your experience. Oh, and happy anniversary! We're about to have #25.

Cathryn and Bob

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