Fixed the Toad

OK, so the internet is a great tool. I posted on some boards about my jeep not running and within 10 minutes it was diagnosed as "Crank Position Sensor". Apparently this is a common failure for the 4.0 Motor. I was able to find the part at O'Riley's here in town, even cheaper than the on-line sites, so that was nice.

When I meet the engineer who decided it was a good idea to put the sensor on the back side of the bell housing, near the body of the vehicle, I will have some stern words for them. After about 2 hours of trying different extensions and different sockets (a 15 inch extension with an 11mm Wobbly socket works) I was able to get it out and the new one back on.

The good news is that it fired right up, and now runs more smoothly than it ever has. I would post the picture that my wife took of me all greasy past my elbows, but I look kind of dorky in it so I will spare you all that visual.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Maybe he's the guy from Ford who put the alternator on the Escape, to change an alternator, you have to remove right tire and wheel, remove right brake and hanger, bust the lower ball joint , remove front wheel bearing and right axle shaft. Then you can get to the alternator to remove, What ever happened to mounting something out in the open with three bolts and in 15 minutes you were done. Glad to here it went smoothly for you, We had a Jeep cherokee that Donna literally wore out, then we fpound out they stopped making them and she got the Escape, no comparison, if we were gpoing to Alaska, the Jeep would be the far better toad. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Cathryn said...

Hi there! You posted a comment on our blog (olallabay.blogspot.com) so we took a look at yours. It looks great, and you will have a blast on this trip!!! One thing you may have already read about on our blog, but if not, thought I'd comment here about it, is TIRES! We bought brand-new 8-ply tires for our truck before we left home. And part-way through the trip we replaced our OEM trailer tires (which only have 10,000 miles on them but were practically bald) with new trailer tires with good tread. We've now covered 5,000+ miles (still 2,000 miles away from home) and have had only one flat, on the truck. While we were driving the Dempster Highway (north out of Dawson above the Arctic Circle to Inuvik) we met a couple who were changing their FOURTH flat tire -- actually 3 flats and one blow-out. They had only 4-ply brand new tires on their truck. So, word to the wise . . . cheap tires aren't worth it unless you just want to teach the kids how to change tires. We'll follow your trip. Take lots of mosquito repellent, raingear and Canadian cash so you can avoid those foreign transaction fees. Have a blast!
Cathryn (and Bob)

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Thanks Cathryn, we actually have 12 ply tires on the RV and the jeep has good All-terrain tires. We are taking two full size tires on rims for the jeep. The RV has a spare on a rim and two more band new tires (12 ply as well). Thanks for the Advice! ~Eric

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