Toad Trouble

Today we decided to focus our attention on the impending trip and to get some things done with the RV. We decided to go through the RV and take notes on what needed fixing/adjusting and where we were going to store things. Nothing really needs fixed, but we decided to optimize spacing. We want to utilize the space under the dinette seats. There is a cabinet door that opens in the aisle, but that isn't the best way to access it. We drilled 2 holes in the top part and ran a shoelace through it, so that we can easily pull up the cushion and pull the string to lift the top of that storage area.I've also been bugging Eric to move the coffee maker and he's been reluctant. We exchanged a few words and then he cursed like a sailor for a few minutes, but he is pleased with the results. He moved the coffee maker over to the back edge and then moved the can opener that was in front of the paper towel roll (and right next to your head between the stove and sink) back next to the coffee maker. These moves really opened up the counter area, which felt so crowded.Then I requested that Eric put a few shelves into the big closets that flank the washer/dryer. He pointed out that we would need some hang up space, so we decided on 2 shelves in one of the closets. He was going to use some scrap wood we had, but I wanted a deeper piece so we decided to go to the hardware store. He wanted a new cordless drill for his bday too. On our way we dropped off the recycling and the Jeep just stopped running. (We left it on with the A/C running.) Eric figured it was just overheated, but we could not get it started. I was pleased by how many people offered to give us a jump, but we knew the battery was OK. Finally we pushed it to Napa what was just down the street. Us girls walked over to pick up something to eat and drink and Eric got the tester thingy from Napa. He also talked to his dad and our BIL who determined it was electrical. BIL ran over to our house to pick up our tow hitch and came up and towed us home. We were calm about the whole thing and very thankful that it happened TODAY and not while on some back road in AK. Eric is now reviewing electrical diagrams for the vehicle and hopes to figure out the trouble soon. I think this opened our eyes a little bit and we are going to do some extra planning/prep for emergency situations.


Paul and Helen's Adventures said...

You must really be anxious. This is about the time I stop sleeping nights. There is one thing about camping that is hard to escape. With all the planning and pre planning, things happen. You just have to roll with the punches and do what you have to do. Fortunately, you will not be alone because the RV community is great at helping one another. All the best.

Helen and Paul

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