When I (Eric) was about 6 or 7 years old, we went to Florida from Illinois. On the way back we stopped in Lafayette, Indiana where my brothers were born. This being in mid 70's with no seat belt laws, we just folded down the rear seat and the 3 of us laid on some sleeping bags.

We had to get ice for the cooler frequently, we traveled "cash only" or with traveler's checks. If the station wagon had AC I don't remember ever using it.

Good times!


I am Harriet said...

BWHAAAA! We had the blue Buick station wagon with 4 kids in the back!!!!! IT sucked being the littlest one.....

Unknown said...

and that cash was in envelopes in the glove box........labeled: Gas, Camp Fees (usually about 7 bux a night), food, fun and emergencies. It is amazing we got home! I would be afraid to go across town w/ the little money we had for our trips. Memories........good ones. Thanks for posting this comparison, Eric.

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