Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson

We started out with a lazy morning. We woke too early but just laid in bed for a while. We took showers and Eric made eggs for breakfast before we headed to town for some more pics. We visited the museum and original milepost 0.We didn't end up pulling out of the RV park until after 11...got on the road by 11:30. While I slept well last night it just wasn't long enough. I was tired all day long. The drive from Dawson Creek to Ft. Nelson was tougher than we thought it would be. The 283 miles took just over 7 hours. Eric was pretty stressed out by the rain. I think the main problem is we are running short on sleep. Hopefully we get a full night's tonight. Tomorrow we have a 4 hr drive to Laird Hot Springs.

We had our first meal out tonight. A&W cause it is fast and we were hungry. I planned meals well and have plenty of ingredients, but we encountered a problem today. We stopped for lunch and the kids & Eric got out to look around and play. I stayed in and prepared lunch. I thought I would prep dinner too, so I decided to make BBQ pork. The inverter I used the other day (which we've had for 13+ years) stopped working, so I plugged the crock pot into the inverter installed in the rig. As I was preparing the pork I thought it had an odor, but I wasn't sure. When I had Eric smell it when he came I noticed that the inverter was off. I knew it worked when I turned it on, so I thought that maybe the engine had to be running. After trying that it still didn't work. We realized that the inverter was blown, figured it was the $1 garage sale crock pot, and just threw the whole thing away (pork roast and all) into the nearest trash. I can imagine some animal having a feast tonight. We were just too tired to prepare a meal...the kids didn't mind!

Tomorrow Eric is going to get up and drive the Jeep over to a welding shop to get some work done. The front passenger side bumper has been starting to pull out from the vehicle and got worst today. He wants to get it secure before we head down the road. I hope he's able to get it fixed quickly and we can get to Laird in time to prepare lunch and then take a soak. We hope to meet up with Robert & Nancy, whose blog I've been following. They got some good pics from the drive today.

Look what I did today!!Don't get too excited~ it was just to the front of the campground!!!

FYI~ We have other videos besides the ones we are posting on the blog. Just click our Vlog link under the header to take you to our YouTube Channel.


Linda said...

Wow, you are already in Fort Nelson. Sorry about the BBQ pork, so sad as I love pork too. We both loved the Liard Hot Springs, know you will too. Drive safely. Linda and Bob

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying your trip so far, the inverter is something that really has to match what power needs you have, if you put a higher load than they are designed for they will fail everytime. Donna & I share the driving and I am sure you will gain confidence and then be ablt relieve each other on short days we do 2 hours each and on long drives we switch every 4 hours,Donna does really well with the combine lenghth of over 50feet with the 5th wheel attached. Be safe out there and have fun and let those kids run wild. Sam & Donna.

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