Jeep Ready!

Eric just got back with the Jeep. It was 2 hours of labor and some bolts and parts and it was $243. 2 other RVers pulled into the welding shop with TOAD problems. They all hit the same big frost heave and it caused some damage. Ours was pretty minor compared to the other vehicles. Eric had noticed the one side starting to pull away but he didn't think it was a problem. It was really pulled out last night...so that one big frost heave must have done the damage. That shop said they are making lots of money off that bump! We are going to REALLY slow down now.

Off to get road ready. No services tonight at the Laird Provincial Park. Probably have internet again on Saturday night.


Amber said...

Frost heaves, yuck! Hope that's the only one that gives you trouble. :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Have to be a heck of a frost heave to damage a 5th wheel, there was another blogger that just lost their toad in Canada last week, whenever you have something that is welded it it has to be a strong professional job with the weights concerned.Hpe all you problems are over. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Cathryn said...

Yep, that frost heave will get you every time! We did the trip with a truck and fifth wheel, not a motor home and toad, but we found we had to slow to about 30-35mph that stretch of road, and practically to a standstill at some really big bumps. Take it easy and you'll be fine -- no 600 mile days on this stretch! Glad you got the Jeep fixed. Now just watch for those moose jumping out of the bushes. Oh, and mosquitoes the size of bats!

mikroenjeksiyon said...

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