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Yesterday we got the privilege of being in the car 7+ hours as we drove our son to camp. It seemed like it took forever because we made several stops (food & potty) and we are usually 'drive til the gas tank is empty' people. Our daughter asked how much longer, what time is it, can I go potty... over and over. Started to drive us crazy, but we realized that our trip to AK is going to be difficult if we get upset easily. Being in an RV will have advantages over a minivan, but we do have to make sure there are plenty of things to keep the kids occupied. (How about the scenery?)

We took advantage of the time in the car and made extensive shopping/to-do lists for the trip. We also spent quite a bit of time discussing what we need in case of breakdowns or emergencies. I think we will be well prepared. I've got lots of shopping to do. I signed us up for emergency roadside assistance too!! We are less than 2 weeks away!!!

We've had a break in the HOT/HUMID weather, so I took some things out to the RV today. I would have liked to get more done, but the teen had several friends come by and they've taken over the RV. I think our summer roommate (Andy) appreciates the loud music out in the RV rather than the room next to his. LOL! I appreciate being able to have the windows OPEN!

Today I was reading at an online RV forum that most of the major credit card companies charge 3% on foreign transactions. We can try to pay cash for most things in Canada, but we might not have enough to cover 100 gallons of diesel at a time. A few people suggested another company that does not have any foreign transaction fees. Maybe we will like this and cancel our card that gets miles. We have WAY more miles than we can use right now anyway!


Linda said...

In response to your comments about credit cards charging 3% for foreign transactions. We obtained a CapitalOne Venture Visa, they do NOT charge the 3% and we get miles too! I applied online and the new cards came in about a week. We are currently in the Yukon heading to Alaska.

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