Do you know the way to San Jose Alaska?

The other day I was visiting some Alaska travel blogs and I noticed that Robert & Nancy had a few maps of their trip posted. One was of Alaska itself with the route they are traveling highlighted. I have done the same below with green showing the way and blue showing the way home.When I went to post the screenshot of the overview of the directions map I noticed that the route was different than we had mapped out. It seemed to me that there was a 500 mile difference between the 2 routes. I've been doing all kinds of comparisons at various online map sites and even inquired about the best route at an RV forum. The general consensus is that what you might save in mileage by going into Canada from North Dakota you lose in fuel costs. I am still trying to figure out which route we are going to take, but I have decided that we will not be traveling on I-90. We will take I-94 instead and then pick up Hwy 2 at some point. Still not exactly sure.


Amber said...

What point is up north of Dawson City that you're headed for on your way into AK? Just curious - never been north of Dawson before! :) If the objective is to get to (or above) the Arctic Circle, it would be quite a bit less fuel to do so by going north of Fairbanks... but obviously I don't know much about your plans!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great trip . A couple of suggestions:Avoid the Kenai on weekends, Anchorage emptys out on summer weekend and they all go to the Kenai! Go to Haines instead of Skagway, Skagway has 4 cruise boats in port every day, 10,000 shoppers in a town of 400. Haines has 400 people and no cruise boats. You'll see all the goldrush towns you'll need without Skagway.

Don't worry about packing all that food, you'll find plenty of stores that sell everything you need.

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