Longest Day of the Year

Eric is on his laptop posting next to me, but I am doing the recap of the day. We are settled in at an RV park in Glasgow, MT. We traveled 13 hrs covering about 620 miles. Eric is like the Energizer Bunny~ he keeps driving and driving and driving. Ultimately the sun in our eyes did us in and we made it to our (original) goal for the day...making up the time we lost yesterday. It's nearly midnight CST and we are not in MST. I am guessing we won't be up and off too early tomorrow. We are going to head west on Hwy 2 for about 5 hours and then we turn north into Canada at I-15.

We are still getting everything figured out with life as 5 in an RV. We stopped in a tiny town somewhere north of Glendive, MT and Eric turned on the generator so we could put dinner together. I was able to pull it together fairly quickly, but not before I lost it and totally snapped at everyone. I was at the point where I was feeling weak and I needed to eat right away! I hurt some feelings, but was able to pull it together and relax after dinner. I've been feeling a lot of anxiety, but driving on the state highway was less stressful to me. I had trouble falling asleep last night and then thunderstorms came through around 5am, so I am short on sleep. Hopefully tomorrow is smooth sailing through the border and the driving conditions aren't too bad. Not sure what we will get in the way of internet connections while in Canada, but we will try our best to keep the blog update.

Goodnight from MT!


Kim said...

Sounds like over all it was a good day..
.hope you get some rest..

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

600 mile days take a toll on your nerves, but you are getting closer to your goal, hope the kids are enjoying and seeing the new scenery, our trips when the kids were young always were like a history lesson, my youngest (28) still talks about the real Indian ( Native American) that rode his horse into our campsite in Colorado and then let him have a ride for watering the horse. Memories are made just like that. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Cathryn said...

Yikes, 600 miles in one day! That combined with insufficient food and sleep is of COURSE a recipe for snapping at others -- glad you recovered. One tip on getting internet in remote places in Canada and Alaska: sometimes we'd pull up in the parking lot of one of the MANY Visitors Centers, or a library in a small town, and look for a wi-fi signal, which we often found. A couple of times we even cruised, very slowly, around very small towns with our laptop on, looking for an unsecured signal beaming from someone's house. We almost always found one. As long as we'd previously written our blog posts off-line and had them ready to go, it only took 5 minutes of a stop like this to get it posted and see if there was anything urgent in email. Can't wait to read more posts once you've gotten into beautiful British Columbia!

siteseer said...

That's a lot of miles in one day, but you have a lot of miles to go, so it is what it is. Just think of the days when you will have time to relax and enjoy the scenery. That and the fact that the kids will learn to run and hide when you pull over for the night until it's safe to come out lol. I think everyone will find their niche of what to do and things will get easier as everyone adjusts to the new normal. Have fun this is a trip of a lifetime.

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